How to Set Make Mouse Auto Click Automatically – YouTube

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How to set mouse to click automaticallyHow to Set Make Mouse Auto Click Automatically – YouTube.Open downloaded file, install it and launch it. Step 4: Now to make your mouse auto click you have to Auto Clicker is a free tool that allows you to make your mouse automatically click after an interval of time which you can set.How to use: Install the tool and run it Mouse Auto Clicker generates mouse clicks automatically at preset intervals, and it doesn’t cost any money. It can imulate the right or left mouse button and single or double clicks. You can set custom hotkey combos to start and stop the program, too. While it’s basic, that just means “easy to use.”

Do you want to make your mouse clicks automated?
Do you know, how to do it?
Then this software can fulfill your desire.
With this free software, you can set your mouse to click on a certain area of your screen in a fixed time interval.
If you want to refresh any web page frequently, then this tiny software will make your task very easy.

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1. Just above the software from the download link below.
2. Install it & run it.
3. Set your click time interval, Start hot-key, Stop hot-key and click options.
4. Press the Start hot-key/Start button of the software to enjoy auto clicking!

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