Bangladeshi Mobile SIM Buying Registration New Rules Announce

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Bangladeshi Mobile SIM Buying Registration New Rules AnnounceBangladeshi Mobile SIM Buying Registration New Rules Announce.teletalk bornomala sim registration teletalk agami sim registration.teletalk bornomala sim offer.teletalk sim number.bornomala sim distribution.teletalk sim price.agami sim registration sim registration SIM Buying And Registration New Rules in Bangladesh since 16th December, 2015. Fingerprint and National Identity Card (NID) is mandatory With this new system in place, every mobile phone SIM card will be. it will no longer be possible to buy a SIM card from a licensed dealer …. introduced new mandatory biometric registration rules for all SIM card owners. Every mobile phone subscriber in Bangladesh will have to either. Most Searched:

•V-Day parade •World War II •AIIB •South China Sea •Rule of law … and relevant documents which they submitted while buying a SIM card. … decided to prepare a new database of Bangladesh’s mobile phone subscribers Prepaid cell phone service in Bangladesh and 228 countries. … Log In | Register Rates & Coverage … Instead of buying a local Bangladesh SIM card at the airport that will expire quickly and can be very inconvenient to … If you only need a France data SIM card for internet connectivity, check out our new Data & Roam SIM.

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buy SIM according  new rules:

operators customer care or retail shops according to the new rules

documents will be required during buying SIM:

  • 2 copies recent colored passport sized photograph of the owner of the SIM.
  • Photocopy of National Identity Card (NID). The original copy is also required just for verification.
  • Backup phone number, email address etc.
  • If NID is not available, any other photo identity card like passport, driving license etc. (Without NID, the validity of the SIM will be 6 months. You must submit the NID to register the SIM permanently. Otherwise, the SIM will be closed after 6 months.)

important points during SIM Buying Registration:

Always buy a SIM card yourself. Don’t send any other person to buy your SIM card. It is not possible according to the new rules.

Always keep your original NID card with you during buying a SIM card. They may ask you to show your original NID if the photocopy is not clear enough or there is any confusion.

The photographs must be colored, passport sized and recent ones (not older than 6 months).


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