Attack French island Corsica desecration Koran

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Attack French island Corsica desecration KoranThe attack on the French island of Corsica, the desecration of the Koran.Paris: France’s island of Corsica Muslim fan attacked a synagogue vandalized and befouled the Koran.

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As demonstrated by remote news association France, capital of the island of Corsica in ajyksu Christmas Day with right around 600 people on a cop and two rescue experts were appearing against the interruption of the swarm of mavericks roared a contiguous mosque was talking, aficionados broke windows of the mosque and the Koran bursting inside and 50 out on the town hurled pharmaceutical.

Muslim dissidents passed on flags that held tight the ‘This is our country, Saudi Arabia, clear out’. After the police met up at the scene to control the situation in the mosques ajyksu security was similarly increased.

France’s head chairman decried the strike on the mosque mynyul Wallis said that vandalism is not satisfactory under any circumstances, moreover, he also reproached the ambush on the police and ensure staff.

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